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Branded Storefronts

How does it work?

In simplest terms, we build a website for your customers to browse and buy your products. As an integrated model, we connect with your distributor of choice to ensure we have the latest products in front of your customers at all times. Orders are processed as they are received. Funds are captured as the orders are shipped and any follow up customer service is handled by our staff.

Our business model is based on a negotiated revenue split. As a rule, there are NO upfront costs to you. We handle the hosting of your store and we cover all of expenses incurred with the operation of your store. Sales reports are available at any time using our website portal and commission payments are made quarterly.

Can we change prices or make other changes to our store?

Of course! Remember that this is your store! We are here to help you manage it. Our software is available 24/7. Your team can easily log in, make a price change, add or remove a product, and so much more. It's up to you on how much or how little we're involved in the day to day operations.


Working with top distributors, we will ensure that your product catalog is up to date. One of the reasons to maintain your own online catalog is to be able to set the standard for all of the other e-tailers. You know your products better than anyone else. Marketing descriptions, technical specs, and product photos are loaded as soon as new products become available.

Marketing Support

As we build and help you manage your online store, there will be many marketing opportunities. Our data collection agents track your customers, note their browsing trends, products they are interested in, and present you with information you can act on. We can tie into existing promotions, work with your existing marketing teams, and much more.

Customer Care

Our team is standing by, and we're ready to help your customers! Let us do the leg work on closing sales, handling returns, and processing orders. We will interface with your distribution partners to ensure your orders are shipped on time. Customers are updated throughout the order process until their shipments are received.

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